Re-Imagining Environ

Our focus is on outcomes.  Our 40-some years of legacy experience have gotten us to where we are today.  Along the way, we have developed skills that have broadened our ability to serve our customers. Most importantly, these are holistic skills that allow us to stay focused on the outcomes our customers need, not replicating the “thing” that generate the outcomes.   We’re leveraging this learning into different areas such as wastewater treatment and whole-plant optimization, and invite you to challenge how you see Environ.

Let us help you find the opportunities for performance optimization, cost savings, and consistent compliance in your system!

– Steve Ostanek, President

The Transition from Neundorfer to Environ

As Neundorfer Inc. embarked on its 5th decade of working with our customers to find the lowest cost, highest value approaches to improving their processes, we were looking to expand into the ever-growing water/wastewater industry. We launched Environ in 2021 with the goal of serving wastewater treatment plant systems, wastewater resource recovery systems, and water distribution systems across the globe.

Environ seeks to understand our customer’s needs first, then we design cost-effective solutions, Engineering specs are usually generic and not focused on the end-user. That’s where we’re different. We make sure engineering specs meet the operator’s needs as well. We’re small, agile, flexible, and technology agnostic.  Our customers mean the world to us!

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